Exeris is an open-source, free, browser-based multiplayer mix of crafting and exploration game. It's being actively developed and it's not finished yet.







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By playing a character in the virtual world consisting of two main continents it's possible to cooperate or compete with characters of other players to collect resources and use them to build or craft more advanced tools, machines, buildings or ships. They are to be used to explore and exploit an unknown, mysterious continent.

There are two main continents in the game, which are called Old and New World.

The Old World is a persistent group of islands where most of the new players start. It's not very rich or large, but it's relatively safe to live there and easy to prepare basic tools.

The most wealthy and fertile area is The New World - a land ready to be explored and settled to get its riches. On the other hand, The New World is not durable and, after certain period of time (about a year) The New World sinks in the ocean. After a few days a completely new New World continent is created and emerges from the ocean, ready to be explored and exploited.

Apart of that, almost every entity in the game needs to be built by players and it requires maintenance to work.
Tools or machines need to be repaired or they degrade until they turn into a pile of rubbish.
Food cannot be stored permanently, it starts to decay some time after it's produced.
When the environment created by players is abandoned, then it slowly comes back to its original state.
When a character dies, then their death is permanent and they cannot be revived in any way.

The game's main features are:


There is no planned release date, but the first beta is likely to be ready in the first quarter of 2017. More details soon.

Development and discussion

Initially I wasn't planning to set up an open development server, but it proved to be useful. and it's available on dev.exeris.org (first you need to create an account on users.exeris.org). It's usually the version of the code with the newest features. The whole game world is often reset.

Main principles

  1. Automation is good if it makes things easier
  2. Don't rely on hiding the global knowledge
  3. Possible should be easy. Impossible should be impossible
  4. Less numbers, more fun
  5. Promote diversity
  6. Promote activity
  7. Nothing should last forever
  8. More freedom, less restrictions
  9. No immediate actions impacting other people

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